Monday, February 3, 2014

Give A Flawed Diamond For A Valentine's Day Gift

heart shaped diamond in fingertips
Literally  holding a hand holding a heart

A heart shaped diamond solitaire gift transcends the elemental chemistry of geology and becomes the biochemistry of love, something very useful  for Valentine’s Day.

But gems' composition and structure are just chemical formulas of molecules, that’s what we are taught. Or are they?

 To me, no other gemstone, an inanimate object, truly reflects love like a heart shaped diamond solitaire. Test my theory for yourself… which rock in the photo below really tugs at YOUR heart?


Different diamond cuts
A variety of diamond cuts

See what I mean! (The trillion cut diamonds are  close seconds.)

It doesn’t even have to have lots of carats or be flawlessly cut.  In fact, a heart shaped diamond can have very visible imperfections with a dull yellow color and very little sparkle.  Even very flawed, it will still evoke a feeling of pure love.

If you want to acknowlege that you are imperfect, a heart shaped diamond might be the perfect jewelry gift for Valentine’s Day this year.   Let the diamond  do the ‘talking’ for you.

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