Monday, November 4, 2013

Murano Glass’ Soft Gold Touch For Winter

Italian Murano glass with 22kt gold
Glistening Murano Glass Beads with 22kt Gold
I was shopping at my favorite bohemian Brazilian jeweler looking for a very thin gold chain to restring some rough diamond beads.  Then I  happened upon some Murano glass bead earrings with inlayed 22kt gold foil.

My first thought was that the earrings would look fabulous with winter-white clothes.

The glistening  crystal-like glass with the 22kt foil will be just the right soft touch, not  like an "over-golded"  jewelry look of link chains. ('Over-golded':  I define as instances of wearing too much gold jewelry or the wrong gold accessory.)

Murano glass candies
Murano Glass "candies"

In years past, I had purchased a few Murano glass small collectibles and trinkets like trompe l’oeil candies.
True Murano glass color work is such an intriguing eye-catcher.  But I stopped looking after only seeing a flood of cheap import fakes in stores:  creepy imitations not true Italian craftwork.

Amber Murano Beads with 22kt gold flecks
Detail of gold flecks in amber Murano glass

The Italian Murano bead earrings at my Brazilian jeweler were a real bargain for authentic craftsmanship. 
 I bought the Murano glass earrings for a great price that equaled the price of 1 Italian bead charm sold at many stores. The buy was a "no brainer" because the beads were already crafted into earrings.

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