Monday, November 18, 2013

Big, Bold Style With Citrine And Tiger’s Eye November Birthstones

Trillion Cut Citrine Silver earrings
Sterling Silver Earrings with Trillion Fancy Cut Citrines
The real birthstone power of citrine and tiger’s eye is revealed in bigger gems, fancy faceted cuts, bold beads and carved artifacts. If your birthday is in November, don’t settle for gemstone chip necklaces and bracelets of citrine gems or smallish tiger’s eye power beads. 

Tiger's Eye necklace with large multi shape beads
Tiger's Eye In Revealing Big Beads

 This ubiquitous quartz material is really inexpensive.
Citrine and tiger's eye gems are perfect for big statement jewelry looks.

Citrine with faceted marquis cut
Marquis Cut Citrine Gem
Buying  bigger and bolder jewelry looks made with November’s birthstones won’t take a big cut out of your wallet.

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