Monday, November 4, 2013

Lock It Up! Now!

Chances are,  someone has already been lurking around your bedroom or home office without your knowledge.  Be responsible and secure your very valuable jewelry.

Security Costs Are Less Expensive Than Jewelry Theft

Get busy now! Here's are some ways to minimize the chances of jewelry theft from your home.
Small home safes are less than $100 at online stores. These safes are HEAVY.  So buy online and let the UPS guy lug it in the front door for you.

Home safe for jewelry

Small lockable beauty cases are less than $15 at the corner drug store.  You might like looking at your jewelry on display on your dresser top... but so do some other people. 


Clear beauty case's alternative use


Don’t buy a jewelry box without a lock. You can find beautiful, lockable boxes at your full-service jeweler or online.

Lockable jewelry box

 Access Your Risk of Jewelry Theft

A recent episode of Hoarders: Buried Alive featured the worst case yet, hidden behind a home’s neat yellow fa├žade. Inside, it was a hot mess, except for the owner’s jewelry which was set apart over in a corner.
Curiously, her 4 or 5 dozen gemstone rings were neatly organized in a glass display case. Gold neck chains were neatly hanging from stands. All this jewelry was among squalor and filth, probably the worst case ever on the series.
Burglary would seem to be the least of the hoarder's worries.
But for you and I, it’s a different story. (Isn’t it?)

Burglars might actually be the least of your worries compared to some individuals, "invited guests" you actually allow into your home without a 2nd thought.

Also secure the irreplaceable possessions of your children or elderly parents: This particular lesson, I learned the hard way. 

Research Security Ideas

Here are some security ideas that were posted in a story on Yahoo about a family’s home safe: Man Open Old Safe, Discovers Gold Coins.  Be sure to read the comments section-great security ideas are revealed there.

Enough said! Or do you need to lose your jewelry before you learn a very hard lesson?

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