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Jewelry Gift Box and Pouch


Informal Statistics Online Jewelry Style Sales Cyber Monday 2012

You can use this statistical spotlight  of Bestsellers for holiday jewelry gift ideas.
  • The average sales price of 18 items was $28.26.
  • Prices for 2 items were not listed.
  • The median selling price was $24.00 for 18 items.
  • The highest sales price was $89.00 for a twisted silver cable bracelet.
  • The lowest sales price was $13.50 for a set of 3 silver box neck chains.
  • 35% of items were sold were for prices under $20.00 dollars.
  • 60% of items were sold for prices of under $30.00. 
  • Prices for 2 items were not available, so the total per cent is not 100%.
  • 2 items were 14k gold
  • 12 items were designed with silver (2 items with diamond or colored gemstone designs).
  • 5 items were silver-plated
  • 1 item’s metal was not described
  • Items without prices, no longer available included a double oval silver diamond pendant and a silver cubic zirconia heart pendant.
  • Sales included 3 jewelry sets
  • The ratings history for these jewelry items ranged from 4.5 to 5 stars for all items.
  • The top 20 jewelry styles included: 60% necklaces-12 and 25% earring pairs-5.
  • The balance were 1 each bracelet, book/jewelry set and charm. 
  •  The 60% of pendants included 1 set of box chains. 
  •  The 25% of earrings included 1 set of hoops.
  • There were no rings in the top 20.

Important Jewelry Statistics Information

Disclosure:  These statistics were not generated by or for  I am not affiliated at this date with  I was just curious so I crunched the numbers.
Source:’s “AMAZON BEST SELLERS:  Best Sellers in Jewelry Cyber Monday Deals”. Data was retrieved December 1, 2012.
Note:’s prices change hour-to-hour or seemingly  minute-to-minute sometimes.
Pat Thomas for Jewelrystash

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