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Solid 24K gold cat coin Isle of Man
Collectible Whimiscal Cat 24K Gold Coin Pendant

Show your love with a higher karat gold jewelry gift, without breaking the proverbial bank. Here are some shopping tips.


  1. Actively seek-out 14k, 18k, 22k and even 24K gold jewelry.  Ask your jeweler if you can view gold jewelry not on display. Ask for a price reduction on obviously older but classic designs, like a vintage working gold watch with a leather strap.
  2. Consider smaller solid pieces to stay under your price limit.  Don’t be swayed by fashion jewelry trends of huge, humongous baubles. Remember, junk jewelry made of bronze or gold tone metals will not sparkle like gold in the long term.
  3. Start a collection of small gold charms that you can add-to throughout the future.
  4. Whether you choose white, rose or yellow color gold, the glint  must bespeak “GOLD!”.
  5. Look for marked, highly collectible merchandise from premier jewelry designers within your price point instead of ubiquitous inventory. So, for example, consider a wheat link chain instead of a box gold chain.
  6. Shop at a trusted luxury jeweler, you normally wouldn’t consider, even if it is just to get ideas.
  7. Spend time looking at estate gold jewelry, from a trusted jewelry dealer.
  8. Buy distinctive gold jewelry without diamonds or gemstones to reduce your expenditures. But only buy well-manufactured, sturdy designed and relatively heavy items.  Don’t settle for cheaply made, lightweight jewelry with manufacturing or design defects.
  9. Consider giving a small solid 24K gold coin instead of men’s gold jewelry, most of which is made with 10K gold for strength.
  10. Shop online to see a vastly larger selection of gold. Review descriptions carefully and make sure you understand return policies and procedures: Shop with trusted vendors and well-known jewelry designers.

  11. Remember, significantly more 14k and higher gold karat jewelry is being advertised this year for Christmas at sales prices, than in recent past months.  According to numerous news reports, jewelry customers are  becoming a very rare commodity. There's room to bargain!


Today, gold is firmly priced above $1,700 USD per ounce.  The spot  price has increased 6 times over in the last 10 years.  Government state bankers, institutional buyers, electronics manufacturers and Indian consumers will probably continue buying more gold.  The Gold spot price may well continue to rise.  Then again, maybe it’s hit the ceiling.
But what does any of that have to do with your loved one having the best you can afford to provide.  Love, like higher karat gold jewelry, is wealth.
Pat Thomas for Jewelrystash until next time…

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  1. Thanks for your useful tips. Gold is a precious metal, so one has to be very careful while buying it.