Friday, April 6, 2012


Is the gold in your suntan or skin tone best accentuated by glistening 14k or 18k gold earrings?  Maybe you don’t want to go near a jewelry counter because of the rising price per ounce of gold.

Well, here are some yellow gemstones which will flash that golden look and punctuate the gilt on your skin:
AMBER – Widely available everywhere, usually set in silver.  Try Dominican Blue Amber which has an amazing fluorescent optics property: The color shifts  from golden brown to a bluish sunlit color when you wear it in the sun.
Actress Zoe Saldana as Uhura in the 2009 version of Star Trek appears to be wearing Dominican Blue Amber dangle earrings in the role below her “bluetooth” device.  Saldana is of Dominican ancestry.

Prices range between $25 and $50.
CITRINE – this yellow-bronze gemstone is widely available at department stores, art fairs featuring handcrafted jewelry and mom-and-pop jewelry stores.  It’s usually set in silver, for less than $25.

YELLOW DIAMONDS – Apparently these are Rihanna’s favorite. Small irradiated golden-colored diamond earrings are widely available at online stores.  Larger stones can be found at premier jewelry and department stores for viewing.

Fine gemstone prices range from $1K to $15K but modestly priced yellow diamond beads are also sold for DIY jewelry crafting.

YELLOW SAPPHIRE – Smaller, treated gemstones are widely available at online stores.  Larger, natural colored stones with a flash factor comparable to diamonds can be purchased from  online stores specializing in unheated sapphire gemstones. 
Be sure to check the return policy because cut, polish and lack of treatments are the most important price factors. 

Yellow sapphire is my choice because the pure, absolute yellow color seems ethereal or otherworldly.

Good quality gemstones can be found for less than $1K.

Golden Sea pearls are a softer colored option. Other yellow gemstones include TIGER’S EYE, MEXICAN OPAL and TOURMALINE.

Some jewelry designers consider 10K GOLD  the new 18K because the spot gold price has been trending between $1600 and $1700 over the last 30 days. The spot price will be  edging  close to $1800 before long.

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