Thursday, April 12, 2012


A young female medical student looked over the waiting room while I was waiting to be called by my physician. She appeared neat, meticulous, and serious, except for her watch. 
It was a red gold dress watch, with a simple link bracelet and bright white diamonds surrounding the dial.
 But it was the BIGGEST WATCH DIAL I’d ever seen, far bigger than any divers or pilots watch. 
That timepiece would have made Flavor Flav proud.
The medical student was wearing a conservative but trendy black flared skirt, with a white shirt under her student jacket. She wore nude hose with black velvet flats.

Her stethoscope was draped around her neck.

EVERYBODY can wear at least one fun piece of jewelry. Whether it’s, for example
  • A stupendous pair of 14K gold diamond hoop shoulder dusters, or a
  • Saucer-sized turquoise pendant, or a
  • A statement ring with a Ping Pong ball sized crystal gemstone
  • Quirky fashion or costume trinkets
  •  Handcrafted jewelry and artisan-made pieces especially reveal a fun personality.  This is true whether you are young or feeling young.

  1.  “HAVE FUN”  within reason, and 
  2.  Wear 2 pieces max.

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