Saturday, April 28, 2012

Will and Kate’s Ring – The Fairytale’s Anniversary

The fairytale goes on… What a thrill that the English royal couple, William and Kate, is celebrating their 1st anniversary.  The story began with Princess Diana’s sapphire and diamond engagement ring. 
Time is life and so Will goes on with his bride.
It’s so poignant that William gave Kate the sapphire ring that belonged to his mother.
As Diana’s marriage dissolved she continued her humanitarian work.
One of her visits was to the hospital that I worked for at the time. Our hospital was known for treating patients regardless of their ability to pay for services.  Diana had specifically requested that our hospital be put on her official itinerary.
I only saw a fleeting profile view of her.  But luckily, my co-worker, a wannabe paparazzi, got a much closer look at Diana. 
In fact, he was able to take one of last photographs of Diana wearing the sapphire and diamond ring:  She and her husband announced their divorce shortly after she left town and went back home to England.
I’ve always felt that fairytales have some basis in reality. 
Diana's humanity seemed so touching. I did not know Diana, but I read the following news story about her.
Shortly after becoming seriously involved with the Prince of Wales, Diana left her humble babysitting job.  Soon after she married, she traveled on official engagements with her husband.
One visit on the social calendar was a royal visit to Washington D. C. While on official business, Diana decided to look-up an American family and their child that she had babysat when the couple lived in London.
What other royal or celebrity would be humble enough to “drop by” the people they used to babysit for?
 I know of only one other “royal jewel” of a man who made strong efforts to keep in-touch regularly with all his friends, connect distant relatives and reach-out to acquaintances. 
Everyone lamented how much they sorely missed the way he connected us all when he was gone.

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