Monday, December 23, 2013

Shocking Pink Gold Watches... Now Trending

Pink gold watches were all over the TV in courtroom scenes this year.  First, a star witness in a high profile Florida murder trial grabbed attention with her big pink gold fashion watch.  Then, Judge Judy, the $41 million lady, appeared to be wearing a solid, pink gold Swiss watch in several scenes on her TV show.


The new pink gold watches are true eye candy. The pink gold of newer watches is much more pleasing to look at than vintage watches made with colored gold.  The red gold of vintage timepieces often appears to be bizarrely rusted yellow gold. 
Shopping for a pink gold watch has never been easier: Big selections are in all the watch displays at major department stores in the mall. And the pink color, conspiratorially allows consumers to forget that 24K Yellow gold is still too costly for average consumers, at about $1290 per ounce as of December 2013.

Gold Plus Copper Equals Colored Alloys

Copper used for pink gold alloys
Copper Nugget

Pink gold alloys made with copper
River Bed with Alluvial Gold Nuggets
 Copper is added to gold in varying amounts to manufacture  alloys of pink, rose or red gold jewelry.
Maybe you want to upgrade your jewelry accessories with a pink gold watch, but you don’t want anything with too big of a dial face or a rose or red gold metal color that’s too over the top and just too dressy.

The New Look of Casio Baby-G Shock

I was, well, shocked to see a Pink Gold Casio sports watch in a mall department store watch display.
You remember Casio watches, don’t you?  That’s one of the Japanese watch brands that forced the Swiss watch industry to redouble their efforts a few decades ago.
 The Casio Baby G’s watch is  trendy looking and not utilitarian. It's a great look for the office and the beach.  The  model I bought is MP-MBGA5-2, movement 3189 3252 BG-169G.
The Pink Gold Casio Baby-G is a pure fun fashion, not too dressy. (Thankfully, there’s no tiny Casio calculator on a  black watch band like back in the day!)
The sales clerk refused to set the watch time for me…he had a line of customers.  So he gave me the dreaded Casio watch manual and told me to read it.   Which I did at home, but I still had to go online to a YouTube video to figure-out how to set the day name.
That’s OK.

My Baby G pink gold sports watch was priced right, less than $100.  The size is not too big.  And the sporty fashion color is just too hot… hot pink!


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