Monday, December 16, 2013

Look Better with December's Cheery Colored Birthstones

Blue topaz gemstones from Texas unenhanced
Icy Blue Topaz naturally mined, no enhancements

If your skin gets that ghostly look during winter, forget more make-up, here are some amazing gemstone jewelry fixes with December birthstones.

 The cool blue tones of Topaz and Tanzanite, alternative December birthstones, can really cheer-up grayish winter skin:    So will mined Zircon, another alternative December birthstone, which has an enthralling sparkle unlike any other gemstone, including diamonds.

Blue topaz is true eye candy.    And not all of this gemstone jewelry is a dyed or enhanced blue color.   True blue, blue topaz gemstone material is mined in Texas, USA.    It’s an authentic cool glacier blue color.

Wake-up Your Skin Tone

Just like make-up, the deep lavender of tanzanite will perk-up anybody’s skin tone dulled by a lack of sun in winter.   The specific color tone  (there's no red tone)  of Tanzanite in stud earrings can work wonders for the skin on your face.  

The same goes for Zircon, a God given element. It’s number 40 on the periodic table.   It’s mined from the earth unlike manmade cubic zirconia.

 White and blue zircon jewelry has a “captured light” sparkle that captivating to gaze at on its wearers.   It’s a great sparkly birthstone look that you can buy without  taking a big hit from the dollars in your wallet.

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