Friday, September 21, 2012


It’s back to Chicago’s real, almost year-round, weather:  Cool and getting colder. The temperature is dropping fast, the warm weather was nice while it lasted.
So here are some of my fall jewelry style choices: 

  • Wear more jewel tones, like hot, trendy fuchsia and purple;
  • Put-on more metal, like the black chains I see worn on the street;
  • Wear darker amber jewelry;

  • Switch-out blue turquoise cabochons for sapphire blue gemstone jewelry;
  • Wear diamond stud earrings-They always brighten up gloomy fall days, no matter how small the carats;
  • Sport bigger, thicker earrings and necklaces-Larger sizes are necessary when you have to cover-up with heavier clothing and coats; 
  • Match pearls and jade, especially longer strands, with fall clothing’s colors and textures;
  •  Switch-out my summer beach watch for a more serious-looking timepiece.

 No, I won't be wearing my white Hawaiian puka shell necklace for a while!

Pat Thomas for Jewelrystash until next time…

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