Monday, March 3, 2014

What Irene's Aquamarine Birthstone Ring Told Me

Jewelry manufacturing jewelry
Craftsmanship means attention to detail

 Irene’s March birthstone ring was a larger aquamarine solitaire, well-cut, beautifully polished and  a gem with a traditional water color tint.   Perhaps you have an older co-worker or friend, like my ex-boss Irene, who wears the most distinctive and well-made jewelry. 
Her ring's  setting had longer, stronger prongs and a thicker ring shank. The ring contained a generous amount of gold.


Irene’s choice of aquamarine birthstone ring was a mirror image of her in many respects.

Unfortunately,  in 2014, middle-class values for jewelry  have somehow been translated into the words “cheap and cheaper” as the price of gold has risen. 

Some examples of poor craftsmanship include: thin shanks, short prongs, poorly polished gems and highly included gems. Further some material just looks better in gold instead of silver, like pearls.

I won’t forget Irene  and her well-made aquamarine birthstone ring.   And just like she always inspired me to do better on the job, I will always seek the best jewelry value for my money.


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