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Clint Eastwood’s wife Dina looked beyond impressive in the premiere of “Mrs. Eastwood & Company” wearing jewelry styles that featured artisan gemstone necklaces, handcrafted sterling silver and Native American motifs.
Turquoise, jade, red coral, black onyx, other semi-precious gemstones and striking sterling silver designs were all used to add colorful personality to Dina’s easy flowing “in town” clothes.


She sported bear tooth design earrings once in a Sleeping Beauty colored turquoise and again later in jade, the right tint of green.
She also wore a striking bear tooth pendant made of vivid turquoise.  


At one point she wore a 2 inch rectangular pendant of inlayed tiger’s eye.
The most striking jewelry on the show was a large pendant that appeared to be vintage Taxco made with a softer Persian colored turquoise, in a swirl patterned silver setting. 
The pendant was hung from mint green silk chiffon-looking fabric with miniature flower stations.
A long, waist length necklace of red coral beads with a small silver medallion was a coy use of color. 


In one plot element, Dina got a crystal belly button piercing and Lisa her housekeeper got a nose piercing to dissuade Dina's daughter from doing the same.


At dinner with Clint Eastwood and her family, she wore a simple necklace with a black onyx disc punctuated with a white diamond.
Dina’s daughters Morgan and Francesca Eastwood followed the minimalist jewelry trend with simple, dainty necklaces and rarely wearing earrings. Occasionally they were styled with a stack of beaded bracelets and once with an artisan looking sparkly necklace that featured multiple tab pendants.
Clint Eastwood’s wife and children are featured in a reality program “Mrs. Eastwood & Company” which is about Dina Eastwood’s purpose and duty to her family and “Overtone” a South African musical group she moved to Carmel, Ca. to manage.


Dina was colorfully and thoughtfully styled in   semi-precious gemstone necklaces and earrings, dramatic enough to accentuate, but not so garish as to be distracting.  Not everybody can handle bold jewelry styles, Dina Eastwood can.

UPDATE 6/7/12:

Dina Eastwood's jewelry  is  handcrafted by Zuni Native American jewelry designer Colin Coonis from New Mexico,  per twitter accounts and numerous other online reports.

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